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A Safe Start: The Healthy Baby Essentials Kit

11.11.10 A Safe Start: The Healthy Baby Essentials Kit

organic baby kit

It is getting so much easier to find safer products in recent years, thanks to retailers like MightyNest, and more information out there.  Check out this sweet new baby kit.  It's so nice to see this collection of safer products for baby, all in one easy kit.  

No running to different stores, or ordering separately from online shops and paying shipping.  If you want to get started with safer, non-toxic baby gear, or have a friend or family member who just had a baby, this kit makes a sweet and thoughtful gift. 

What's in the kit?

  • Chapter One Organic Groovy blanket
  • Chapter One Organic washcloths (set of 2)
  • Chapter One Organic onesie
  • Lifefactory 9 oz glass beverage bottle (pink)
  • Lifefactory 4 oz glass beverage bottle (orange)
  • Little Saplings flower teether
  • Angel baby bottom balm
  • Under the Nile Carrot teether

Using glass baby bottles and drink containers is a good way to avoid exposure to BPA (bisphenol A) which is an endocrine disruptor that has been linked to obesity, cancer, early puberty, and reproductive system problems.  The reasons to avoid exposure to this chemical are many.  

In addition, the safer teethers offered in this kit help you avoid exposing your baby to the toxins in plastic teethers.  Plastic is of course unsustainable as well, taking hundreds of years to biodegrade.  

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom balm is a safer, toxin free choice for soothing your baby's sore or chaffed bottom.  You'll find that the baby balm rates 0 on the Skin Deep database-- meaning it contains no harmful toxic chemicals.

The kind folks at MightyNest put together a thoughtful and safe kit for new babies.  Thanks for giving parents a safer and convenient option!

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