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Angel Baby Lotion (the only lotion that doesn't make my 2 year old scream)

11.03.09 Angel Baby Lotion (the only lotion that doesn't make my 2 year old scream)

earth angel baby lotion

I have a 2 year old with a chronic and rockin' case of dry skin and excema. The poor girl has dry cracks in her ankles and patches all over her skin. And it only gets worse in the winter. Sometimes it is so bad I have to use hydrocortisone cream on it, even though I know it contains a steroid and many other chemicals I don't want anywhere near her.

She hates when I put cream on her.

We're talking full throttle, ear drum ringing, screaming while I apply it. I feel terrible, and my head is ringing in 10 seconds.  She says it stings, and I feel as though I am coating her with boiling water.  I've tried calling each cream I tried magic, saying it tickles, and will help, but it never mattered.  More outrage.  Thankfully, I received a small sample of Angel Baby lotion and tried it the other night.

After her bath, I applied it and for once, she didn't cry. Not at all.  I was stunned.  And her skin was coated with a non-toxic, natural cream.  No, the excema did not go away, but I didn't expect it to.  Hers is a difficult case. But it was lessened, and she didn't get so upset and do that little sob at the end of her crying jags.  We read books, kissed goodnight, all in peaceful tear-free quietness.

Maybe the lack of crying has something to do with the fact that there are NO nasty chemicals in this baby lotion.  Not a one.  It is one of only a few baby lotions to score a 0 on the Environmental Working Group's Skindeep database, indicating it is of "low hazard"  I'll take a zero on the Skindeep database any day!

Oh, and to support a lovely mama created business of safe, greener products for babies and children?  How great is that?

I think I'll need to invest in a big bottle of this stuff.  Cross your fingers for me for no more cream applying fits! 

You can find Angel Baby lotion right here on MightyNest

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