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BPA in the News: No Easy Answers

03.09.10 BPA in the News: No Easy Answers

When I first heard about BPA in receipts, I thought, how much exposure could really come from that?  I should have been thinking—this chemical is everywhere!  Truthfully I have noticed myself handling recipts then eating, handling my kids, or prepping food.  And if some medicines are not to be handled while pregnant because they can cause birth defects (you’ve seen those commericals, right?) then BPA is being absorbed in our skin.  We are eating it, drinking it, and it is stored in our bodies.


I read this story recently about the trouble the canning industry is having with replacing BPA in canned goods.  The article speaks to how ubiquitous this chemical really is—because suppliers can’t even find out where the exposure is coming from. 


"What we're hearing is, the stuff is just omnipresent," said Hartnell, whose Washington state company has spent as much as $10,000 on lab tests trying to pinpoint the source of BPA in its canned tuna. "Is it in the cutting board? The gloves that people wear who are working on the fish? Is it in the tuna itself? We don't know. We're trying to figure it out."


Even the beloved Eden Foods is working tirlessly to rid all their products of BPA.  The article gives a good background and comments about Eden Foods. 


And now Wisconsin joins Minnesota and Connecticut in banning the chemical. Excellent news. But when is the federal government going to take action? At the turn of the next century?


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