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Did you Grow up with Chemlawn? (Citizens in Burlington promote chemical free lawncare)

03.02.10 Did you Grow up with Chemlawn? (Citizens in Burlington promote chemical free lawncare)

I grew up in a neighborhood.  I have a distinct memory of the big green Chemlawn truck rolling down our little culdesack.  I remember walking to school in June and seeing the little signs that said, "Keep Pets and Children off" and the distinct nasal passage clearing smell. 

And I hadn't thought of this until a friend told me about an article in today's Burlington Free Press about some folks who were trying to ban the use of lawn pesticides in Burlington.  Unfortunately, this had little support, but the group has decided to educate their Burlington neightbors about the harm from chemical pesticides and the ways they can manage their lawns to be beautiful and chemical free. 

If you have time, it is an interesting read, epsecially if you know someone who still uses chemical pesticides to get that perfect green carpet lawn (am I the only one who actually likes dandelions?).  I had no idea the company Chemlawn still existed-- although they are now ironically called TrueGreen Chemlawn.  

Here are some facts from the article if you are pressed for time:

*"The Audubon Society, for example, estimates that seven million birds die each year because of exposure to lawn pesticides." (Okay, this fact alone is outrageous.  Who would want that on their hands?).

*"More attention is being directed at the “body burden” of manmade chemicals that humans absorb: flame retardant, trace pesticides on fresh produce, lawn chemicals, air pollution and more. Although any single chemical might not be toxic to humans, relatively little is known about their combined effect on the body, particularly in growing children, pesticide activists say."  Yes!  That is what we have been saying for years, people!

*You can have a really nice lawn without total reliance on herbicides and insecticides,” said Sid Bosworth, University of Vermont Extension agronomist, turf expert and Lawn Lab’s technical advisor. 

So as I sit with lots of ice and snow outside, dreaming of spring, I will make sure that youth of Chemlawn (can you still see it in my body burden?) is a distant memory. And I cheer on these 4 citizens of Burlington for starting the Lawn Lab and promoting natural lawn care.  

image:  shyb on Flickr under Creative Commons

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