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EWG Report: What's in Your Bottled Water?

01.13.11 EWG Report: What's in Your Bottled Water?

bottled water report

Hopefully you and your family drink filtered tap water.  Seriously, that is the best environmental choice out there.  But for some, this isn't possible, where water sources are so contaminated the water is dangerous for consumption (think places in West Virginia, where strip mining has introduced heavy metals into the water).  

How do you know the safest and best brands of bottled water for your familiy?  Hopefully, you can access clean, fresh, tap water.  But if you can't, what should you do?

We know that bottled water companies don't even have to list the source of their water, even if it is near some polluted or disturbed area.  We also know that bottled water undergoes considerably less regulation then tap water.  So, what is a consumer to do, other than drink tap water?

Thankfully the Environmental Working Group just put out a report, rating bottled water companies for transperancy in disclosing water sources, contaminants and treatment methods.  Click here to see the ratings and the full report.  

EWG recommends:

"...that you drink filtered tap water. You'll save money, drink water that’s purer than tap water and help solve the global glut of plastic bottles."  

Amen to that. You can find filters, safe water bottles, and glasses here at MightyNest.  

Also, The makers of The Story of Stuff have a new video about the manufactured demand of expensive bottled water... The Story of Bottled Water

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