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FDA Warns about BPA (um, finally!)

02.05.10 FDA Warns about BPA (um, finally!)

Can I get a hallelujah?

Last week, the FDA did an about face about BPA, issuing new action steps and plans to reduce human exposure to BPA. 

After stating BPA's safety for years, the FDA announced its new plans to limit the chemical.   Here is an overview from the FDA about their plans:

FDA is taking reasonable steps to reduce human exposure to BPA in the food supply. These steps include: 

*supporting the industry’s actions to stop producing BPA-containing baby bottles and infant feeding cups for the U.S. market;
-facilitating the development of alternatives to BPA for the linings of infant formula cans; and
-supporting efforts to replace BPA or minimize BPA levels in other food can linings. 

*FDA is supporting a shift to a more robust regulatory framework for oversight of BPA.

*FDA is seeking further public comment and external input on the science surrounding BPA.

*FDA is also supporting recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services for infant feeding and food preparation to reduce exposure to BPA.

*FDA is not recommending that families change the use of infant formula or foods, as the benefit of a stable source of good nutrition outweighs the potential risk from BPA exposure.

For smart analysis of the FDA's move, read this from our friends at the Environmental Working Group.

Progress, folks. That's good. But the days go on while our families are exposed to this unnecessary and harmful chemical in our food. 

(originally posted at Non-Toxic Kids)

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