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Get Creative with Your Little People: Eco-Art Supplies at MightyNest

03.16.10 Get Creative with Your Little People: Eco-Art Supplies at MightyNest

I recently wrote on Non-Toxic Kids, pleading to Crayola to take back their markers to be recycled.  Here I am teaching my girls to be Earth heroes, and I was tossing old and dried up markers more than I care to admit. I've since decided to recycle them through Terracycle.

So I was pleased to see many eco-art supplies showing up here at MightyNest.  I've long been concerned about the chemicals and unsustainable practices of the mega brands (not to mention the dollar store ones!), so these would be great to supply any child with.  

Natural Colored Pencils by Eco-Kid:  These natural, eco-friendly colored pencils are made in the USA from recycled newspaper with wax and natural mineral dyes and are lead free and non-toxic.

Eco Art Pad by Eco-Kid:  Made from banana fibers and recycled material!

Natural Soy Crayon Rocks by Clementine Art:  Little non-toxic crayon rocks fit in small hands and don't break.  Love it.  

And don't put a lead and PVC laden smock on your little one on to save the clothes-- those smooth, shiny smocks are almost certain to be vinyl and cause all sorts of problems (health and environmental) to everyone who comes in contact with them.  Opt for this safer smock, instead.  

Do you have any green or natural art products you like to use with your kids? Let me hear it!


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