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Go Ahead, Chew it: Maple Landmark Unfinished Bead Rattle

10.08.09 Go Ahead, Chew it: Maple Landmark Unfinished Bead Rattle

Oh, how I love Maple Landmark.

It's not that it is a Vermont business (but I do love that, of course).  But if you have seen any toys made by Maple Landmark and you'll know why I selected them. They are 100 percent made in the U.S., and they support local business and sustainable harvesting practices for the wood they use. I particularly like their Schoolhouse Naturals line which has no finish and their Natural Product line which is finished with a whey based product or beeswax/tung oil. These are the safest finishes for both the workers and for our kids.

You've got to love a baby toy with NO WORRIES.  No phthalates, BPA, PVC, or other toxic gunk.  Just unfinished maple.  The rattle is fun for babies learning to use their hands.  It's also a great fidget for adults, too.  This is a great baby present that you can feel good about.  It's safe, a great company, U.S. made and green. 

So check out this Maple Landmark unfinished rattle for your drooly one!



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