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Green New Year's Resolutions, What are Yours?

01.08.10 Green New Year's Resolutions, What are Yours?

Did you make any new years resolutions this year? Did you have any green resolutions in the mix?

In case you missed it, or are in search of some great green inspiration, check out the Green Moms Carnival I hosted over at Non-Toxic Kids. The Green Moms have set some seriously lofty goals for this year, including one mama who is leading the charge to have a zero waste year with her family! Amazing. And Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish created only 3.7 lbs of plastic trash this year, and is looking to lessen that for 2010.

There are many inspirational posts linked in this carnival, so check it out and add any that you have to this post. Here at MightyNest, there are lots of green supplies to help you meet your green resolutions.

*Want to finally get rid disposable coffee cup habit? MightyNest has you covered with these travel mugs.

*Want to clear BPA out of all your waterbottles, cups, and glasses? You can find a way here..

*Looking into a safer, better mattress? Here are some great choices. 

*Want to have your lunches waste free? Check out the waste-free lunch kits.

*Want to clear the air?  MightyNest carries several choices for air filters.

There are many more products here at MightyNest that can help you lessen your impact on the earth, and lessen the chemicals in your family. Happy 2010!

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