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Green Your Halloween

10.07.09 Green Your Halloween



Okay, the spooky season is almost upon us.  You’ve got to come up with a costume, some treats, and have a great time with your little ones, all the while trying to be as green as possible.


Here are a few tips to make this seem not so scary (sorry, I couldn't help it):


Costumes:  No need for mainstream, gender sterotyping, Disney made costumes from China, made from who knows what.  Get creative.  Raid the dress up bin and let your children come up with a costume (with your ideas and guidance.) Stuck?  Here are a few ideas from our dress up bin (with no purchasing required).



            *fire fighter


            *king or queen

            *electrician or mechanic

            *bugs of all types


With a little scrounging, you can probably come up with a few of your own that require only a little imagination and a bit of looking around.  Are you feeling crafty?  Check this out for some ideas.


How about healthier treats?  Here is a list from Green Halloween of healthier, greener treats. 


Pumpkin carving?  Toast the seeds with olive oil and salt for about 45 minutes in the oven.  Chow down, enjoy the Jack O Lantern then it can meet its maker in the compost.


Be sure to have your little one carry a cloth bag for their treats. 


What are your ideas for a Green Halloween?  Share them here!







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