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Green Your Snacks

03.23.10 Green Your Snacks

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I'm a snacker. Love the salty, crunchy stuff. Problem is, I don't want to turn my kids in to salty snackers. I want them snacking on green peppers and apples. A classic case of do as I say, not as I do. Sigh.

So I've been trying NOT to buy any salty, crunchy snacks. Mostly this means I am really hungry a lot. But it has helped. By greening snacks I mean eating healthier and easier on the planet with you and your kids. For me, this is not easy! Some of the things I have been trying to keep in mind lately:

*snack less. Better for you, and the environment. But what about those kids? They eat all the time and need their snacks!

*stay away from organic (and conventional) snacks in crinkly bags, (even though, sigh, Sun Chip bags are now compostable).

*if you must have a salty, crunchy snack, make popcorn on the stove (I do this OFTEN). No microwave bag with awful chemicals. Just some oil, a bit of butter and popcorn. No packaging to waste.

*fruits and veggies make great snacks. You can package them in these reusable containers from MightyNest. There are many choices to go from school snack and lunch to the diaper bag and to work. I put out some veggies right before dinner, and they are gone quickly.

*avoid any single use packaging that is not recyclable. Try to buy in large quantities and dish out in reusable containers that are not plastic (or are safe plastic).

*smoothies are a great snack for little people. Packed full of fruit and yogurt, this is a healthy treat. Sometimes I make a huge one and take it to work.

What are your green and healthy snacking tips? What are your pitfalls and weaknesses?

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