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Green Your Thanksgiving

11.17.09 Green Your Thanksgiving

As we come to a lovely but rather gluttonous holiday, filled with overeating and calorie dense foods (and oh, yes-- loving family!), I offer some ideas for how to green up this day a bit.

*Consider your bird. Can you buy a bird from a local farmer? Better yet, an organic fed bird from a local farmer? If you must have a turkey (and I know there are lots of folks who fit in this camp), you can support local farmers and still indulge in the bird. The benefits are substantial: less carbon footprint, not supporting factory farms, and healthier, tastier meat (so my friends tell me!).

*Consider no bird: You could go vegetarian this Thanksgiving (but don't quote me to your in-laws!). Eating lower on the food chain is less environment and energy depleting (in many cases, not all, I know). This is especially true if your choice is an organic bird (which can be pricy) or vegetarian. I'll be posting about my vegetarian Thanksgiving plan over at Non-Toxic Kids.

*Get your hands on local spuds: Mashed potatoes are one of the finiest side dishes on earth. Making that little divet for the butter, and then spreading it out-- sigh. But potatoes can carry a heavy pesticide load if you buy conventional. Try to buy some at your local farmers market, find a friend who has some in their cellar, or buy some organic spuds from the grocery store. Your guests will be healthier, and there will be less pesticides spread into our ecosystems.

*Use local veggies for side dishes: Think-- less processed, better tasting, better for everyone, less carbon footprint.

*Buy locally made bread, or make your own, instead of those prepackaged, overprocessed rolls of dough.

*Serve locally made beverages such as cider, wine, or fair trade organic coffees and teas.

Readers, what are your ideas for how to green up Thanksgiving? These ideas are just the beginning, so share more here!

image: by dracobotanicus on Flickr under Creative Commons

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