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Greening your Family by Lindsey Carmichael

04.30.10 Greening your Family by Lindsey Carmichael

Oh, sleep deprived, overworked and overwhelmed parents, do I have a resource for you. If not for you, then, do you have a friend or colleague who is pregnant, and interested in living in a non-toxic, environmentally healthier way?

Greening your Family by Lindsey Carmichael is an immediately useful and accessible guide to lessening your family's exposures to toxic chemicals, and lessening toxics in the environment as well. In it, you won't find lengthy explanations about why to do this, and that is good, because the power in this book is its sheer simplicity and usefulness.  Need to know a greener, safer brand of shaving cream? Just look at that section.  How about a recipe for a make at home non-toxic kitchen cleaner?  Got it. This book has tables, product lists, and places to go for more information.  It is really a great place for someone new to going green to start, and  a handy reference for those of us who are already doing so.  It seems even the greenest, most conscientious  shoppers have some conventional products hiding out in their homes.  Lindsey helps us look at all our purchases, especially the ones we make most frequently, to quickly guide us to safer brands.

The book is organized into sections such as food, green cleaning and personal care products.  Each chapter summarizes why the chemicals in those particular items are concerning, and what to do to avoid them.  The product lists include some well known natural brands that are widely available, such as Burt's Bees, Welda, and Toms of Maine, and others that are harder to find, but good to know.

I love the safe cosmetics database, but I can't take it to the store, or remember ratings very well (blame it on the lack of sleep, and full brain).  But this book I can either take with me, or remember a few brands that I would like to try, or to look for on sale.

Grab a few copies of this book to give as gifts to new and seasoned parents going green and chemical free.  They won't be overwhelmed, and they will thank you.

Speaking of thanks---thanks to Lindsey Carmichael for providing us parents with a simple, practical and immediately usable guide to selecting safer products for our families and the environment!

FCC guidelines:  I happily received a review copy of this book.  This review is based on my opinions and I did not receive compensation for it (or for any other review, ever).

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