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I Cherish Planet Earth: Book and Memory Game

05.28.10 I Cherish Planet Earth: Book and Memory Game

One thing that is critical for me is to teach my girls to love, respect, protect and honor the earth. We talk about all that we do to that helps the earth, but sometimes it seems so ephemeral, so hard for them to understand.

I Cherish Planet Earth is a great way to develop and continue the conversation about how to love, honor and protect the earth in a way kids can understand.

In it, you've got a beautifully illustrated book, written in a love letter format, to earth. Each page describes what we find, see and discover from earth, and shares an affirmation such as "I explore the magic" or "I pass things along" or "I conserve water." Simple and colorful illustrations show clearly what the affirmations mean, illustrating the concepts for young minds.

Also, you have a memory matching game with the earth affirmations, with 48 pieces and a pouch to contain them. There are lots of variations of the game, and my 2 and 4 year old played the simple matching memory game right off the bat. This purchase also goes to One Percent for the Planet, where one percent of all profits from this product go to preserving the environment.

This toy won an award for Best Green Toy from Dr. Toy in 2009. The book and cards are printed on recycled paper, with vegetable oil based ink, and are made in USA.

For a preview of the earth affirmations and the beautiful illustrations (with Charlie Hope's sweet voice and song), click here.

By reading this book, and playing the game, children will develop a better understanding of what it means to cherish and protect the earth. This is something we all need to teach our children, and I Cherish Planet Earth is a great way to begin, extend, and develop this conversation and learning process.

You can find this book and game at many fine retailers, including Three Sisters Toys, My Toy Smart, Tree Hollow Toys, and My Little Green Room and Amazon.

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