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It's Popsicle Season! Make Your Own (greener, safer, healthy)

06.22.10 It's Popsicle Season! Make Your Own (greener, safer, healthy)

Summer is officially here.  Hoorah!  Now's the perfect time to make your own popsicles for your kids.  You will leave behind the high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and the plastic sleeve you have to throw away.

Popsicles are a perfect summer treat for the kiddos.  Cool and refreshing, they hydrate on hot, humid days.  

If you want to make your own, consider this BPA Free Kinderville Silicone Ice Pop set.  Unlike regular molds made of plastic, these don't leech bisphenol A into popsicles, and you make them as healthy as you want!

Some ideas for making your own popsicles include:

*fruit smoothie pops: simply blend up lots of fruit and yogurt, and watch your little ones increase their daily fruit servings!

*watery juice:  low on fruit?  water down some juice and freeze it up for a simple, hydrating treat

*chocolate pop:  freeze chocolate milk for chocolatey treat

*banana pop: blend bananas with a little water for this potassium rich treat

What are your ideas for popsicle recipes? I absolutely love the look in my girls' eyes when I give them a popsicle on a hot day. Such a simple, childhood treat.  You can make it healthy, green and toxin free by making your own and using a BPA free mold, such as this one from Kinderville.  Happy summer!

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