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Make Cyber Monday Green Gift Monday!

11.29.10 Make Cyber Monday Green Gift Monday!

Are you a store shopper?  An online shopper?  Most parents of young children find shopping online easier.  In fact, online shoppers spent almost 890 million dollars online last Cyber Monday.  That is a boatload of cash, and the Nature Conservancy (and many of us!) are hoping that this year more of that money will be spent on responsible, eco-friendly, and meaningful gifts.  That's why they've launched Green Gift Monday

I know it is easy to get swept up in holiday shopping mania.  I feel the pull every year, and particularly this year,  some of the gifts I've already purchased weren't as green as they could be.  I've got to do better.

So I am eager to see all the stuff the Nature Conservancy dishes out tomorrow, and their green gift guide.  They will have loads of green gift ideas, ranging from energy efficient gifts, gives of experience, and gifts of charity.  Tips on how to reduce holiday waste will be included (how many of you get sick looking at all the packaging and wrapping paper after a typical gift exchange?).

One way to green up your shopping (and Cyber Monday) is to shop at online sites run by families who care about the environment and keeping kids safe--- like right here at MightyNest.  Not the meg-corporate retailers, who are using excessive packaging, selling unsustainable products, and questionable materials (PVC, plastics, and paints). 

I'll be eager to see the links that the Nature Conservancy shares tomorrow, and I hope you will too.  Please consider the environment as you make your holiday shopping (or creating, experiencing, and planning) lists.  Thanks to the Nature Conservancy for reminding us of this-- so we don't get sucked into the box land consumer vortex.  If you are there (not alone), pull yourself out, its not too late!

You can also check out the green gift guides at Non-Toxic Kids for more safer, green ideas for this holiday.    

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