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Massive Recall: Millions of Fisher Price Toys, Highchairs, Trikes

10.03.10 Massive Recall: Millions of Fisher Price Toys, Highchairs, Trikes

Hopefully you saw this latest recall from Fisher Price, it is expansive. If you have been buying used new or used gear, you might have some of these products in your home.

According to CBS, "The Consumer Product Safety Commission and its Canadian counterpart, Health Canada, say Fisher-Price, the giant toy manufacturer, is voluntarily recalling some 10.1 million potentially dangerous toys and high chairs."

This is a huge recall, and thankfully no children have been killed, but many have been injured. The recalled products range from toy cars, trikes, high chairs, and infant toys. They are being recalled for a variety of reasons, ranging from choking hazards to causing injuries.

Wondering if you have any of these toys in your house? See the this post from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to a CPSC blog:

"Fisher-Price did the right thing in agreeing to provide consumers with free remedies for these products. But all companies must do better. They must give more attention to building safety into their products. They must work to ensure that they are adhering to safety standards. And if any company finds itself with a defective product or one that is causing injuries, it must report the problem to CPSC immediately."

I couldn't agree more.  We need all toy manufacturers to not only keep their products safe, but to think of the environmental impact of their products, from creation to disposal.  

If you have one of these recalled toys, take it away from your child, and contact Fisher Price to receive replacement or repair parts.  

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