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New Year Green Resolution: Meal Planning

01.03.11 New Year Green Resolution: Meal Planning

I've had the same resolutions for years, some have come true (getting one of my books published) and others, well, have not (eating less cheese).  I remain, however, an optimist.  In the spirit of resolutions, namely, resolutions that are better for the earth and my family, I offer this one.

Meal Planning:  More cooking, less waste, healthier food for my family.  

It may seem simple to you domestically gifted folk. But when I am tired from work and parenting, I reach for dinners that are not all that inspired, and ones that take more packaging and resources than they should.  So-- I'm going to attempt to create (or simply use) a meal plan in daily dinner cooking.  

I was creating my own, with some success, off an on.  Then I came across this online meal planning site, called EZmeals.com.  They have printable meal plans with recipes, and, wait for it, categorized grocery store shopping lists.  They have vegetarian and gluten free meal plans, as well as carnivorous ones.  

Now i have just started using this service, and it is really affordable at $1.25 per week. I did notice that some of the meals use processed foods, but many are better than I would have been cooking otherwise.  All recipes are competely adaptable.  I use what I want and piece together ideas from several weekly meal plans.  So far, I've cooked more, tried new things ( I get so bored of our eating routine-- pasta, mexican, pizza, repeat--), and eaten healthier. 

When we have leftovers (because the portions are large) we eat for two nights, which is very sweet indeed.  I store these leftovers in glass containers to eliminate exposure of the food to chemicals such as BPA.  

Readers, what are your tips for meal planning?  Do you use an online service, and which one?  Or do you create  your own?  Wish me luck with this resolution-- or it may go the way of the cheese.  

image:  Mexican Pie, first try.  

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