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No BPA in My Coffee (the “I’m Not a Paper Cup” Porcelain Cup)

10.22.09 No BPA in My Coffee (the “I’m Not a Paper Cup” Porcelain Cup)

dci porcelain coffee cup

I’m lusting after this "I'm not a Paper Cup" Porcelain Cup by DCI. See, I’ve been all eco-friendly for years, pouring my daily java into various reusuable mugs. One had stainless steel on the inside, but I lost that one along the way. My newer one, well, it is steel on the outside, and— PLASTIC! On the inside. Truly, it didn’t even occur to me. After all, I was saving paper cups, and doing my part. But the truth of it is that plastic, even in the innocuous looking black, is leeching BPA and god knows what else everytime I pour my scalding hot joe into it. Here I am, fighting BPA at almost every turn: -no more tupperware, all glass -eating less canned foods -bagging the Sigg water bottles, using a Kleen Kanteen And I was pouring the hottest of fluid into my travel mug. Sigh. So I am soooo happy to see this new mug here at MightyNest. I covet. Maybe I’ll put it on my Xmas list, but I’ll really have to advocate for it (they’ll say, really? Don’t you just want some earrings?). I would worry that I would break it, seeing as I break lots of things, and live pretty fast. If you are here at MightyNest shopping, and you too pour your coffee into a plastic travel mug (or, shudder, a disposable- we’ve all been there), you should grab one of these and spare yourself a toxic brew with your morning java.

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