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No Cold Medicine for Kids Under 4 (honey is better!)

01.29.10 No Cold Medicine for Kids Under 4 (honey is better!)

The sick season series continues!

You've probably read about this by now. Or not. For any of you sleepy parents inundated with caring for your babies, and barely having time to use the bathroom, let alone read a newspaper, this is for you. It is truly amazing as someone who grew on on Dimetapp that experts are now recommending no cold medicine for kids under 4. 

The problem was the dosage of the medicine, with more kids suffering from problems with dosage errors or accidental ingestion. It also makes me wonder about the chemicals and medicine that is so strong as to cause these adverse effects. 

Web MD gives these tips when medicating your child (when and if you must). Most of these are common sense:

"*Follow the dosing recommendations exactly and use the measuring device that comes with the medicine. 
*Do not give a medicine only intended for adults to a child. 
*Do not use two medicines at the same time that contain the same ingredients. 
*Prevent unsupervised ingestions by keeping all medicines out of the reach and sight of children. 
*Do not use antihistamine products to make a child sleepy. 
*Consult a physician or health care professional with questions." 

None of this makes living with sick little ones any easier. Here's to honey, tea, lots of tissues, and lap time. 

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