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Non-Toxic Toddler Eating: Din-Din Stainless Steel Bus Plate

01.11.11 Non-Toxic Toddler Eating: Din-Din Stainless Steel Bus Plate

stainless steel divided plate

When you have a toddler hucking food, plates, and bowls off the high chair, life can be hard. I remember this stage. My little ones would throw my glass and ceramic bowls off the tray like nobody's business. I would duck, and hold my breath. I didn't want to use plastic plates, or melamine, so we used the high chair tray instead, which was essentially like using plastic because it is made of, well, plastic. Not a great solution.

I wish we would have had this cute stainless steel option! The Din-Din stainless steel bus plate is ridiculously adorable, and totally functional. It has 5 little compartments for food, that we know toddlers like. Don't you dare mix peas with applesauce! Unless it is THEIR idea.

And it goes in the dishwasher. That is seriously important. Also they are durable, for the inevitable toss or throw, scattering your organic veggies.

At least you can not worry about the toxins in plastic entering your little one's food. This would make a lovely gift for a new eater-- a toddler needing something special for eating (for encouragement), or pretty much any kid. I'm sure my 3 and 5 year old girls would love this plate even at their ripe old age.

Save yourself from the melamine, disney ensconced plastic plates, and order up this stainless steel bus plate. Thanks for making feeding toddlers a little easier, Innobaby and MightyNest!

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