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One Simple Act (green new year's resolutions): No More Plastic Utensils!

12.22.09 One Simple Act (green new year's resolutions): No More Plastic Utensils!

I don't often have a reason to use plastic utensils. We don't eat fast food, or live in an area with lots of take out options. But sometimes, like in the summer, we hit the road and are forced to stop at fine cuisine restaurants like Bob's Big Boy (the ONLY place with any vegetarian option on the thruway), and there we have used plastic utensils.

I usually try to save them, to wash and use again-- but then months later my husband cleans out the car and they end up in the trash.  Not good.

So I was thinking a good green New Year's resolution would be to buy a set or two of these reusable bamboo utensils in the little cases by To-Go Ware. I could stash these in the car, ready for any skipped meal or road food situation we may encounter. No more plastic in the trash from my car.  Hoorah!

Wouldn't it be great to avoid straws too? Ugh. I wish kids didn't like them so much. Maybe I will be the mom that remembers to say "no straws please" but the reality is if I have both kids, my keys and my sanity on a 9 hour car ride I'm doing pretty well.

Small steps, right? These utensils are a great start to toss less plastic into the landfill that will take years to biodegrade.  And that might just be a New Year's resolution I can handle.  

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