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Safe, Cozy, Non-Toxic Crib Sheets and Blankets

12.17.09 Safe, Cozy, Non-Toxic Crib Sheets and Blankets

There's a variety of organic sheets here at MightyNest to keep your sweet baby cozy and safe.  When you think about it, babies spend so many hours sleeping, nursing, waking-- in those sheets and blankets.  Almost 20 hours of the day (although I know it may not seem that way!).  It makes sense to use organic cotton as much as possible, with less chemicals in the environment from the production of the blanket, and less to come in contact with your little one.  

Check out these adorable swaddle blankets Under the Nile.  Swaddle blankets were critical with our colicky youngest.  Made with the finest 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton. This feels nothing like other flannel blankets out in the market. This two-in-one pack is extremely soft and will definitely keep baby warm.  Can I get one in an adult size, please?

Check out this Groovy Ocean Blanket by Chapter One Organics.  The design is adorable, and this would make a great baby shower gift with style.  

And this fitted crib sheet kit from Under the Nile, with its own bag for storage, from the organic, soft and sweet in blue gingham.

These are some great choices for organic sheets and blankets to keep your new baby comfortable and chemical free.  This is part of MightyNest's theme of Soft and Sweet week.  I expanded it to include crib sheets and blankets because I think it is a great way to start making your baby's nursery as non-toxic as possible.  Cuddle up!


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