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The Importance of Lovies!

12.17.09 The Importance of Lovies!


Lovies have saved our sleeping lives.  Seriously.  


Both of our girls are attached, and I mean seriously attached, to their lovies.  My oldest, she has a taggie blanket, with one tag that she loves so much (it is a nappy, thin and frayed tag now). She rubs in on her lips, holds it up tight to her face, as she sucks her thumb on the way to dreamland.  It is an essential piece of night time gear that has caused many a late night rush to find.  Finding taggie is a household emergency for us.


As it is with lovie.  That is the name that stuck with a little blanket deer that my youngest has (she's 2).  Since she had colic as a baby, we wanted her to find anything, something to help her stop crying.  In desperation, I gave her this little blanket.  She didn't stop crying (she would grasp it and still yell like a coyote), but eventually it became her nighttime comfort, and she needs it every night.  The thing is worn, looks dirty even after I wash it, and is now getting holes. 


The point in me telling you all this is that a lovie is not something to take lightly.  You never know what will be "the one".  So, when I saw this frog blanket lovie I thought that would be a great one for a new little baby.  I just wanted to convince you future and new parents that having one of these around to try, is a good move, and you never know which one they will want. Hopefully, it's this organic cotton frog!  That's a sweet one.




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