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Tips for Mercury-Free Dentistry

05.07.10 Tips for Mercury-Free Dentistry

ChicagoHealers.com Practitioner Steven A. Koos D.D.S., M.D. participates in the World Health Organization’s “Mercury Free Health Care” Program and is managing partner of Chicago’s first, eco-friendly, green luxury dental practice. He offers the following advice for patients wanting to commit to mercury-free dental work:

*Visit a practitioner who uses mercury-free dentistry and who utilizes non-BPA containing resins.

*Encourage your dentists to take on more non-toxic and green practices by voicing your concerns and by starting dialogue with your healthcare providers.

*Visit, “Green My Dentist” program extended by the EDA (Eco Dentistry Association, www.ecodentistry.org) to help guide you and your dentist towards better, safer patient health, as well as planetary health.

*Contribute to a healthy community and environment and support green businesses and healthcare facilities.

These are great tips I will keep in mind on my next trip to the dentist (and I still think Dr. Koos should move to Vermont)!

image: Old Shoe Woman on Flickr under Creative Commons

first published on Non-Toxic Kids

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