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Toys for Kids on the Move: 5 Safe, Green Toys Under 20 bucks

12.08.09 Toys for Kids on the Move: 5 Safe, Green Toys Under 20 bucks

plan toys stacking ring

We know kids are always on the move.  Toys that can keep up with them, inspire them, focus their moves on something other than drop tackling their baby siblings is a good thing. 

So, here are 5 great, green, safe and motion inspiring toys for your little mover and shaker:

1.  Dancing Alligator by Plan Toys:  I reviewed this toy a few weeks ago on this site. After a year it is *still* a big hit in our house.  My 2 year old refers to her alligator as Alla, and she watches us cook, goes to the store, and is a regular fixture around the house.  $18.99

2.  Mini Garbage Truck by Plan Toys:  This should say recycling truck! It has a green recycling symbol and moves up and down so kids can cart stuff around.  This will get major traction across your living room floor. $17.99

 3.   Made by Me Box Set by Maple Landmark:  One of my favorite companies, Maple Landmark offers unfinished (read, chemical free) toy parts to have your toddler or Pre-K child put togehter, decorate, and play with.   Includes the blank bodies for a train, tugboat, tractor, and truck plus wheels and axles for each. So cool.  $14.99

4.  Mini Water Waves Blocks:  These blocks are so creative and interesting.  I wrote a post about the fire and cave mini blocks, and these ones are just as neat.  Non-toxic and untraditionally shaped, these blocks promote creativity.  Love it.  $14.99

5.  Stacking Rings by Plan Toys:  For a toddler, you can't beat this simple toy.  Much safer than the Melissa and Doug counter part (that chips and contains who knows what), this is made by Plan Toys and will be a favorite of the teething set.  $15.99.


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