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Vermont Senate Votes to Ban BPA (and what to do if your state is slacking)

04.06.10 Vermont Senate Votes to Ban BPA (and what to do if your state is slacking)

In another move where states are taking the lead role in chemical reform and safety, the Vermont senate has voted to ban BPA in sippy cups, water bottles, infant formula, and food containers.  Now the bill heads to the house. The Times Argus reports that:

"Senators voted 25-1 to begin banning the use of Bisphenol A in reusable water bottles starting in the spring of 2012, and its use in packaging for items such as liquid infant formula and baby food in spring 2014."

I am happy that the Vermont Senate chose to protect children instead of the chemical lobby.  I received a late call from a leader at VPIRG, calling on parents to show up to vote down an amendment to weaken the law.  The chemical industry was out in force, trying to convince legislators to vote for the weaker, more limited bill.  But consumer advocates, parents and children won out.  I wasn't able to go, but many showed up to demonstrate their support for banning BPA. 

Hopefully, the federal government will *finally* move ahead to ban BPA-- and not have where you live determine if you are needlessly exposed to the chemical.  That remains to be seen.  While that process moves at a glacial pace, some states are taking cancer causing BPA exposures into their own hands.

What to do if your state has still done nothing about BPA?

*contact your state legislators to encourage them to ban BPA in plastics

*buy only BPA free products to use in your home (there are LOTS of great choices here at MightyNest)

*wash your hands after handling receipts

*ask for BPA free sealants, sealers and mouth guards at the dentist

*avoid eating canned goods 

*use stainless steel water bottles and travel mugs

*store food in glass containers and never microwave plastic


image: by Roebot on Flickr under Creative Commons

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