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Welcome to the Non-Toxic Nest Blog!

08.31.09 Welcome to the Non-Toxic Nest Blog!

I’m happy to be writing for MightyNest. I love the idea that parents who are trying to make good choices for their babies and the earth started MightyNest to help other parents find safer, more sustainable products for the home.

I’ve been writing about green parenting, environmental health, and activism over at Non-Toxic Kids for almost two years. It seems I never run out of things to write about. There is always more information to learn, action to take, and news to interpret. I try to break down news and information into manageable chunks so it is helpful to sleep deprived and time crunched parents. I also write about education, and my first book (of what I hope to be many!) will be published by Corwin Press in April. It is called Why Great Teachers Quit: And What Administrators and Teacher Leaders to Help Them Stay.

I teach full time, parent my two and four year old daughters, try to exercise and hang out with my husband, and often write late into the night. I try to make the safest, greenest, and healthiest choices for my family. I'm a advocate for the Kid Safe Chemical Act, and the U.S. moving towards a precautionary approach when it comes to chemical safety. I look forward to interacting with readers over here at MightyNest, and how we might learn from each other!

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