Buy Non-Toxic Toys

08.16.09 Buy Non-Toxic Toys

Non-toxic toys

No, we’re not saying you have to dump the whole toy box and start over. But if your little one has a birthday party coming up, challenge yourself to skip the plastic battery-operated toys and instead buy wood toys (free from toxic paints and adhesives) or organic cotton toys. And slowly sneak out any questionable items from the toy shelf. We promise he won’t know the difference – but you will.

Toys should be fun and worry-free – right? In a perfect world, yes. In the real world, not so much. With recent evidence coming out about harmful chemicals such as lead, BPA and phthalates being found in children’s toys things can seem pretty confusing. One of our goals at MightyNest is to help parents lose the worry when it comes to one of childhood’s greatest pleasures – play time. To do this, we’ve rounded up the best of the best to give you peace of mind that anything you choose from MightyNest is considered safe and healthy for your little monkeys.

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