Save 500+ Plastic Bags a Year With Reusable Sandwich Bags

04.16.12 Save 500+ Plastic Bags a Year With Reusable Sandwich Bags

plastic bags vs. reusable bags

The average size family goes through over 500 plastic baggies a year, just for lunches, and the average school-age child generates 67 pounds of lunch trash per school year. In addition to the waste, many of the disposable products are made of plastic and other synthetic materials that can leach chemicals like BPA, PVC, Phthalates and lead into food. It's time to revamp the lunchbox!

If you transfer that money spent on throw away plastic bags, you'd be sending your kid to school with a safe, stylish and reusable wrap! Good for you and the planet! We think it is important to select reusable sandwich bags & reusable snack bags that are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead Free. Beyond colors and patterns, you can choose from organic cotton bags, cotton bags with nylon lining, cotton bags that open like a placemat and those that are formed like a pouch.

Need more convincing about how important this change truly is? Read on...

You might wonder, does it really matter? Will the effort really make a difference? It does. In more ways than one.

Packing a waste-free lunch for your child has long lasting benefits--both for your child's understanding of environmental awareness, her/his health and for the sake of our planet's health. In fact, many schools are now requiring or moving towards requiring that students bring zero waste to school. Besides the obvious perk to the school (cuts down on thousands of $$ in waste management!), this message also sets up a routine that will hopefully manifest itself in less waste beyond school life! “Reduce” and “Reuse” actually provide a much higher return for the environment for the effort expended.

A New York Times article noted that there is momentum towards reducing the amount of packaging we throw out. Sales of paper bags and sandwich bags are on the decline. Between August 2010 and August 2011, sales of plastic sandwich bags declined by 3.17 percent and sales of paper bags fell by 13.19 percent, compared with the same period a year earlier.

In addition to the reduction of waste, at MightyNest we think it is paramount that products are safe, made without the use of chemicals and are healthy for our homes.

Ready to make that one simple change?  Click here to find a great selection of safe reusable snack and sandwich bags.

Not sure which one is right for you?  Click here to learn about the different types of snack and sandwich bags.

This article is part of our 4 week get real drive.  Here are three other changes you can make to keep your family healthy and safe and to help the planet.

About MightyNest:

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