Be Picky about Plastics

08.17.09 Be Picky about Plastics

To make a huge difference in your family’s health, challenge yourself to remove all unsafe plastics from your home. Beware – this could mean your current sippy cups, bottles, dishware, water bottles (sorry!). We know replacing a great deal of products can be very stressful for both you and the kids. But the peace of mind you’ll gain from knowing your home is free of toxins like BPA, phthalates and lead is priceless.

Many chemicals found in plastics have been linked by researchers to a slew of health concerns ranging from asthma to cancer. All products sold at MightyNest are free of known irritants and toxins and would make a welcome addition to the kitchen cabinet or kids lunchbox. Read Avoiding Toxins in Baby Bottles & Dishware for specific strategies on eliminating unsafe plastics from your home.

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Coming soon: Guide to plastics

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