Choose Safe Body Care Products

08.17.09 Choose Safe Body Care Products

Diaper creams, sunscreens, moisturizers, soaps… everything we slather on our bodies gets absorbed into our bodies and can have a big impact on our health and the health of our little ones. Do some experimenting the next time you run out of your favorite lotion. There are so many products available that provide safer alternatives for skin care. You just might find something you can’t live without!

Industrial chemicals are the foundation of the personal care industry: one out of every 8 chemicals registered for use in personal care products (in the U.S.) are hazardous, according to the independent scientists at the Environmental Working Group. They include carcinogens, pesticides, toxins, endocrine disruptors, and more. A single exposure is unlikely to cause harm, but daily exposure over years may add up to spell trouble. To make it easier to find healthy alternatives, MightyNest has pulled together a few of our favorite products that are safe and every bit as effective as what you’re using now.  

Check them out here!

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