For Grown-Ups

Yes, grown-up people also matter. We are more likely to put off doing the “right thing” if we know it just effects our own health. We also know how nice it is to get a water bottle and know it is truly safe and durable, and to fill it with clean water. For most of us we want to save our worrying for the things that really matter, but figuring out which things really matter can be confusing.

At MightyNest we grapple with the same information overload as the rest of the country. We are excited to be able to provide a few of those items that help reduce the worry. We have fun finds like water bottles that don’t leach anything scary and are easy to clean. We have unearthed hair and body products, sunscreens, and cosmetics that are effective and don’t use dangerous toxins (unfortunately, many other products do). We have mattresses and bedding that provide the softest and safest materials against your skin and are gorgeous to look at.

Where living healthy supports your school.