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08.21.10 Better Beauty Products

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We just want to have a pretty smile, hair that doesn’t frizz at the first sign of humidity, and maybe, just maybe, the appearance of thick, lush eyelashes. Must our desire for beauty come at the cost of lead, parabens, and mercury?

The products that we put on our skin, into our hair, and on our lips or eyelashes, can and do enter our bodies. Cosmetic ingredients have been found in human tissues, urine, and fat. Industrial chemicals are the foundation of the personal care industry: one out of every 8 chemicals registered for use in personal care products (in the U.S.) are hazardous, according to the independent scientists at the Environmental Working Group. They include carcinogens, pesticides, toxins, endocrine disruptors, and more. Hundreds of additional industrial chemicals are added each year, many of which are not tested for safety.  The FDA does not regulate cosmetics and only about 20% of chemicals have actually been tested for safety - and none have been tested for safety when used in combination with other chemicals.

The good news  is that there are better options being produced and we can help you find them.



  • There are many chemicals to avoid when buying beauty products and many of the worst offenders (lead, mercury, phthalates) won’t be on the ingredient list at all. Here are a few you might find listed and want to avoid:hydroquinone; coal tar based dyes (like Blue1); petroleum; DEA; P-Phenylenediamine; "fragrance"; parabens; triclosan and ingredients that include the terms “PEG,” “xynol,” “eth.”
  • Check out the Cosmetics Database for the largest, independent database of body products.
  • Try using fewer beauty products - on average, American women use 12 different products daily representing hundreds of different chemicals.



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