Bisphenol-A: How Much Evidence Do We Need?

09.28.09 Bisphenol-A: How Much Evidence Do We Need?

This is a great blog post from the well-respected blogger, The Safe Mama, on the hotly debated topic of banning BPA. In it she includes links to 8 specific studies reporting the evidence that BPA is indeed harmful.

I was going to let this slide but I’ve heard the same few phrases a few times and now I’m thoroughly annoyed. These phrases include things like “activist hysteria” and “BPA has been around for 60 years, don’t you think the FDA would have taken notice if it was harmful?” and “activists in the blogosphere are creating unnecessary concern” and my favorite “There is no evidence that BPA in consumer products ever harmed a child or adult.”

Oh, really? That’s twice today I’ve read articles stating that there is no scientific evidence that BPA can harm anyone and that “activists” are just creating unnecessary hype. Let’s review some of this non-existent scientific evidence shall we?

Yale School of Medicine: Found that BPA affected brain function and caused mood disorders in monkeys (perhaps someone should tell Yale that they don’t count as scientists)

University of Cincinnati: Found that BPA disrupts cancer treatments

Journal of American Medicine: Doctors in London published their findings that linked BPA to heart disease and diabetes. (”…found that the 25% of people with the highest levels of bisphenol A in their bodies were more than twice as likely to have heart disease and, or diabetes)

To see all 8 of the links and read the rest of the article follow the link below:

Original article: Bisphenol-A: How much Evidence do we need?
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