MightyNest Trusted Seal


What Does it Mean to be MightyNest Trusted?


Safe, Healthy & Non-Toxic Products

Every Product is screened to be free of known toxins such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and other heavy metals, melamine, formaldehyde, chemical flame retardants, parabens and other harsh chemicals.

We select stable materials that are non-leaching such as: glass, 304 grade stainless steel, organic cotton, natural rubber, water based paints and low-impact dyes. We strive wherever possible to find alternatives to plastic.

From Trusted Manufacturers

We interview each manufacturer about their product ingredients, overall manufacturing processes and safety testing.  If there is even one slight component that doesn't meet our criteria, that product is not selected.

We are very discerning about whom we work with, and we choose only reputable manufacturers to ensure all products meet our high standards for each specific category.

Handpicked for Highest Quality


We only sell the best products.  We handpick the best products based on safety, durability and quality.  We imagine you don't have time to hunt through hundreds of options so we filter for them for you.  


Used by our Families, in our Homes
A product must be good enough for our own home.  We would never sell a product on MightyNest.com unless it's something we'd use in our own home and give to our own children.

Where living healthy supports your school.