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While going a tad crazy over their collection of sippy cups, the founder found herself dreaming of a simpler cup for kids that empowered them to use real dinnerware at the table. She imagined it was healthy, convenient, and economical. In addition, she wanted it to be earth-friendly.

In December 2007, as a mom of two, she was in the throes of sippy cup torture when she had an idea. Her kids were drinking from 8 oz glass jars because she had recycled all sippy cups from their home. The jars were easy to hold, non-toxic and a bargain from any major grocery store at 8 bucks for 9 jars. The idea: invent a simple cap to fit the jars and help toddlers learn to use a real drinking cup.

Together with her husband, they drafted plans to make a cap and sleeve to fit most 8 oz. screw-top canning jars on the market. Successfully, they turned this trusted, durable household item, the 8 oz jar, into a convenient, healthy, spill-resistant mealtime training cup.


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