Global Green Pals

Founded in 2004, Global Green Pals™ is a woman-owned and operated American-based company committed to bringing children eco-friendly, educational toys that inspire positive world action through play and imagination. Its founder, Malini Goel, a lawyer and environment policy consultant who works with the United Nations and other organizations, was inspired by her grandfather who once said, “Use your education as a broom to clean up Mother Earth.” Combining creativity, dedication and a desire to educate youth to become a new generation of eco-ambassadors, Global Green Pals™ was born.

Global Green Pals™ is committed to offering safe, innovative and quality toys to today’s consumers. Our products are kid-friendly, parent-approved, eco-conscious and educational. Parents, teachers and children continue to give them a big thumbs-up! In a world where our environment is at risk, we believe that through exposure at an early age, we can encourage simple, creative, and positive actions that can create positive environmental change and ultimately change the world.


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