Kids Konserve

Kids Konserve was the outgrowth of what two women saw as a big need that required immediate attention. Any business they undertook had to help the environment in some way, it didn’t take much imagination to see how they, as parents of young children, were contributing to garbage landfills, pollutants and sending the wrong message to their own children. How could they set an example of conservation for their children and empower them to be the examples of change for the future? Calculating the amount of trash being produced each day at their own schools during lunch shocked them to begin researching reusable products to dramatically cut down on Earth’s ever growing garbage pile.

All Kids Konserve products are tested by a CPSIA accredited testing laboratory to meet FDA requirements and CPSIA standards. They also use independent labs to test products to assure consistent and non-toxic quality in each and every shipment they receive.


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