The Rösle brand stands for style in the kitchen and dining ambient. They are a manufacturer renowned for functional solutions and an emphasis on timeless design. Like more and more people they strive for concepts of real and lasting value and their RÖSLE Kitchen Utensils for preparing, cooking, roasting, boiling and storing food develop into supportive and reliable friends. Careful study and decision is evident in the important details. That's why each kitchen ladle has to pass through no less than ten production stages from initial raw material to the finished product. Smart and innovative solutions developed by RÖSLE continue to win increasing acclaim and recognition. A good example are their "Intelligent Utensils" — two single utensils that perform as perfect tongs once coupled together. Ease and ergonomic utility are also top priority and demonstrated well in a product such as the Garlic Press which even crushes unpeeled garlic cloves with a single press. Just one or two examples of many subtle yet important details. That may explain why RÖSLE has received high praise for its products and been presented with many prestigious international awards for design. The circle of loyal RÖSLE fans is growing steadily.

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