Rebel Green

Ali Ruvin and Melina Marcus created Rebel Green because they love fashion and beauty, but also wanted to make the world a prettier place by giving back and being eco-conscious. Rebel Green was born out of the determination to design chic, edgy, rebellious and eco-friendly products for men, women and children. Rebel Green creates products made right here in the USA that are specifically designed to minimize waste and motivate a fundamental shift in thinking about our impact on the planet we share.

Style has power and their goal is to get people to become fashionably eco-conscious. They know their designs must have a bigger impact than what’s out there. Let’s start with the simple reusable shopping bag. Rebel Green is not convinced the whole world wants cutsie bags with polka dots, hempy looking sacks with preachy green slogans, or worse, the dreaded polypropylene bag shouting "Buy Local" though the inner tag says it’s made across the ocean. Rebel Green wouldn’t carry any of those and they're not alone.


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