Semilla Snack Bags

As a family with young children, Semilla Snack Bags understood the allure of prepackaged snacks and the convenience of plastic baggies. However, it was clear to them that the excessive waste created from their daily routine of visiting the park, playing at the beach or going to the museums was not environmentally responsible.

Their family's lifestyle has always been closely connected to nature and it's of the utmost importance to help preserve it. There had to be a way to decrease everyone's footprint while still making snack time fun. And so the journey began to develop a functional yet funky way to snack that was enticing to all ages.

In searching for products that supported their lifestyle, they found other reusable food carriers to lack durability and flair. Semilla Snack Bags was created for a healthy, fun, interactive way to pack snacks for children, and ultimately help make our planet a little greener.

Semilla Snack Bags are committed to supporting local business and therefore manufacture their bags in San Diego.

Plant the seed to conserve, one snack at a time.

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