Tree Hopper Toys

Tree Hopper Toys is a tiny company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Using sustainably harvested midwestern hardwoods, they handcraft their line of distinctive toys that curious kids love. All of the toys are also 100% non-toxic, making them a friend of the earth and safe for kids!

Eric and his wife Molly started Tree Hopper Toys early in 2010 after a road trip along America’s Pacific coastline. They came home to Chicago inspired by the endless natural beauty and the culture of independence we experienced during those travels. Also, while on the trip they discovered that they had a baby on the way (he arrived in April)!

Molly comes from a long line of elementary teachers, has extensive experience working with children and is currently using her degree in Art Education to help elementary students explore their creativity.

Eric has a degree in art and have always loved designing objects and the satisfaction of making things with his hands. And, he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs who give him plenty of free business advice (his great-grandfather opened a launderette in Chicago before the invention of the dryer!). Combined with Molly’s expertise, starting a company that makes engaging, high quality wood toys seemed not only possible, but perfect for them.

When they first started telling people about their plan, so many people insisted that they couldn’t make a profit if they manufactured toys right here in Chicago, and that they just couldn’t compete with the big guys that make everything across the ocean. Eric and Molly say, "Maybe they’re right, but we just have to give it a try."

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