Whetstone Woodenware

Handmade wooden spoons, ladles, dippers, bowls, breadboards, trenchers, mixing paddles and many other types of woodenware have been made by craftsmen and used by cooks and bakers for hundreds of years in all the nations of the world. In 1978 John B. Whetstone's wife, Debbie, asked him to make her a wooden spoon that wouldn't break. With only a homemade band saw and an antique wood lathe, he met her challenge and produced their first wooden spoon.

In 1984 he realized his dream of a full-time woodworking business with The Carpenter Shop— designing and constructing custom furniture, doing millwork, and making wooden spoons. Being encouraged by the enthusiastic response of those who purchased their woodenware, in 1991 The Carpenter Shop was retooled solely for the designing and making of Whetstone Woodenware.™ They also enjoy the privilege of working with some of the largest living history museums in the USA; crafting historical reproductions from their archives which are then sold in their museum gift stores.

Their skilled craftsmen make Whetstone Woodenware™ from kiln dried hard maple. And after 17 hand operations and a final polishing, the products are treated with mineral oil. The hard maple tree is grown and milled in the USA; their main lumber source is only 10 miles away from their shop.

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