Wrapsacks was founded by the husband and wife team of Kathryn Hapke-Miner and Michael Miner. Their passion for the outdoors and respect for nature inspired them to work for the benefit of the environment. With that mindset, Kathryn, a long-time "fabric junkie", had the idea of making reusable gift wrap bags.

The sight of overflowing trash bins on Dec. 26, 2001 was all it took to get her husband, Michael, to agree. Christmas at the in-laws brought with it an abundance of discarded gift wrap. The prospects for gift wrap reincarnation were slim. Reusable gift wrap would certainly be a better way.

Michael wondered where this gift wrap would travel as it passed from gift giver to gift giver. Surely it would show a connection between people and maybe even prove the theorem that we are all connected by 6 degrees of separation. Bingo! Here was the inspiration for Track-a-Sack, the online gift bag tracking feature.

And Track-a-Sack would also help erase the stigma attached with re-gifting by establishing that we fully intend that Wrapsacks be reused, not just to protect our planet but also to see the journeys they take and hope that those journeys will bring people together so that there is just a little more peace on earth.

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