CuZn bath ball water filter

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  • Removes contaminants from drinking and bath water
  • BPA-free housing and components
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The Cuzn Bath Ball Water Filter is for people looking for a quick, messless way to fill their bath with clean, filtered water. The Bath Ball uses PowerDisk patented FilterFoam technology to eliminate chlorine, dirt, sediment, odors that cause dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation. Made in USA.

  • Removes both free and combined chlorines.
  • No maintenance, no backwashing!
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Compact Design Easy to Install, Hangs from Tub Spout
  • Disk lasts 20,000 gallons or 1 year

Made in Maryland, USA

TESTING: CuZn TurboShower Filters are designed to remove free chlorine (CL) from water. Because of how Copper-Zinc works, OTO (orthotolodine pool testing kits that measure chlorine in water) tests do not give accurate readings. Copper and Zinc ions recombine with the chlorine molecules to produce cupric chloride and zinc chloride. Therefore, any test that measures the CI ion (such as OTO and some DPD tests) will show positive in the presence of cupric chloride and zinc chloride. The test may show positive when testing the TurboShower even though the TurboShower is working perfectly to remove the harmful chlorine. The DPD #1 Test, which tests only for CI2 is the only way to accurately measure the TurboShower's effectiveness. 

However, even DPD #1 will not accurately test chlorine's removal from water in the presence of chloramines. Chloramine is produced when a municipality injects both chlorine and ammonia simultaneously into the water supply. This is done to reduce CI2's ability to combine with organic matter in the water and thereby produce potentially harmful trihalomethanes (THMs). Because chloramine has less disinfecting ability than free chlorine, a higher concentration of chlorine in usually used to get the same bacteria kill rate. 1 

Additionally, the presence of iodine ions in water will magnify the chloramine interference when using the OTO and DPD test methods. Also, oxidized manganese in the water may interfere with the DPD procedure. 1,2 

To get accurate readings of CL2 levels, an amperometric titration method should be used because it is least likely to reflect interferences. 

For practical purposes, a person's body will tell him or her when the filtration media is exhausted and is letting chlorine through. Besides one's nose noticing the disagreeable chlorine smell, one's skin and hair will become dry, flaky, and itchy in the presence of chlorine. 

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Review by Katie K. on 9/27

I love that the bath ball doesn't slow down the process, since I don't have to wait 5 minutes for a floating ball to work. I do have to reduce the flow of the water, but only by about 20%, so it's still pretty fast. I can smell the difference in the water, too!

Review by Teresa on 11/10

I love it!!! You are not knocked out by the chlorine smell when you run a bath. It works great. The only thing that I don't like is that you have to run the water slowly or it overflows, letting the yuck water into the bath water. If it wasn't for that I would have given it a five star rating.

Review by Farrah Rose on 5/25

It's a great idea, but one that floats in the water would be a better idea. I had all the water tested in my condo... He tested this water from the bath ball 3x. ZERO improvement. We do have chlorine/ammonia in San Diego, instead of free chlorine, so that may be the issue. Didn't work at all. I understand that the filter just cannot keep up with a flow like a bath faucet.

Review by Karen on 6/13

When my hubby used our city water, his fishing bait died... it was the chlorine! We immediately go an R.O. system for drinking, but didn't think about our bath water. When I had testing done for migraines (the ALCAT), I found I am severely sensitive to chlorine (among other things). I've used this ball (and gotten refills) for a year and a half with great results.

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