Allergy Machine Replacement Filter

What Makes it Mighty?

Products in category: Air Purifiers
  • Medical grade HEPA filters
  • All steel construction
  • Addresses the complete spectrum of air cleaning

Replacement filters come with pre-filters in a choice of two different colors, white and black.

If your Austin Air Purifier is Sandstone or White and select the White color option.
If your Austin Air Purifier is Black or Silver select the Black color option.

Austin Air Machines manufactured before August 1995 (may say HEGA on the label) require the use of an Allergy Machine Replacement Filter (FR405). Healthmate, Healthmate PLUS, and Pet Machine replacement filters will not fit earlier model machines. If there is a question about this, please contact us with the serial number and text printed on the label located on the bottom of your machine. We will contact Austin Air to verify the correct replacement filter.

Austin Air Replacement Filters come with a 5-Year Pro-Rated Warranty.

Manufactured in Buffalo, NY, USA.

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