Purity Beeswax Candle 3x5

What Makes it Mighty?

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  • Pure beeswax and non-GMO soy wax
  • Fragrance from 100% pure essential oils
  • Lead-free cotton wicks

This 100% all natural pure beeswax candle has no essential oils, for those who love the natural honey-sweet scent of beeswax.

Beeswax is environmentally friendly, 100% natural, renewable resource. Beeswax is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Producing negative ions, beeswax is a natural air purifier, helping to remove airborne pollutants.

Handmade in the USA.

The "dusty" look you may see on a pure beeswax candle is in a natural process called "bloom". This process does not affect the candle's quality and may easily be removed by lightly buffing with a soft cloth.

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