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What Makes it Mighty?

  • bpa-free, Lead-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free
  • made of glass, natural rubber and stainless steel
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Weck canning jars are made of thick glass to withstand boiling and sterilization. Glass lids are immune to rusting and can be used to process again and again.  Since the lids are made of glass (as opposed to aluminum) there is no BPA coating that is found on metal canning jar lids.  The replaceable natural rubber rings, when facing downward indicate clearly that the seal on the jars are intact.  Each canning jar contains 1 glass lid, 1 natural rubber ring and 2 stainless steel clamps.

The Weck Juice Jars are ideal for all kinds of fruit juices and fruit syrups. You can also drink from them or use them as a vase.

1/2 Liter Juice Jar details:

  • 1 Jar, 1 glass lid, 1 ring & 2 clamps 
  • Height: 7 1/4" Opening: 2 3/8" Volume: 17.9 fl oz.

1 Liter Juice Jar details: 

  • 1 Jar, 1 glass lid, 1 ring & 2 clamps 
  • Height: 9 3/4" Opening: 2 3/8" Volume: 35.9 fl oz.
  • Wide easy to fill jars
  • Glass lids that will not rust
  • Seals that are easy to check at a glance
  • Easy open jars (no can opener needed)
  • Easy stack jars for convenient, space saving storage
  • Wide openings making for easy cleanup
  • Glass is microwave safe, dishwasher safe
  • Attractive, fun, decorative shapes nice enough for table use
  • Juice jars make pouring easier
  • Made in Germany
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Review by Anonymous on 12/29

I love this little jar. At first I was hesitant to purchase it because of the lid. I thought that because I use it so much it would be a pain to take off those little clamps every time but it has turned out not to be the case. I ordered another one because I love it so much!

Review by Anonymous on 8/28

So beautiful! I canned tomato juice and put them all in the pantry for the Winter months. They are so pretty to look at and make Summers end not seem so bad.

Review by Anonymous on 7/26

I love this jar! I have a goat share so I can purchase fresh goat milk locally. I looked all over for a one quart glass jar and found this one. It's perfect! I get a liter every two weeks and this container helps it stay fresh longer. I have two and am thinking about ordering the smaller one.

Review by M A Martin on 6/5

I am totally happy with the glass jar. It is what I would expect and I use it at work so I don't have to drink out of plastic. It is easy to clean. The snap on clips can be tricky, but it's easy once you get the hang of it.

Review by Debbie McDonald on 8/4

I love to store things in glass. The smaller one is great for making dressings, the lid with the rubber gets a little messy but it beats having the contents touch plastic. It would be nice to order a size that is inbetween the small and large.

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