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  • A handpicked selection of the best BPA-free baby bottles
  • Made from safe materials: glass, silicone and stainless steel
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Pura Kiki wide neck soft spouts are designed to be the perfect transition from Mom or an infant bottle. When junior outgrows the nipple all you need to purchase is a spout to convert your 11oz Kiki infant bottle into a toddler sippy cup! The medical grade silicone sip spout makes for an easy transition from a silicone nipple. This spout is well vented for an easy flow of liquids, and is spill free. 

  • Made from safe, non-toxic 100% medical grade silicone
  • Does NOT contain plastic, latex, nitrosamine or BPA

Responsibly made in China

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Review by Cathleen on 10/26

These don't last too terribly long, but my kids love them because they are soft and I like them because they are not plastic. In fact the Pura Kiki sippy cups are the only ones I could find that have no plastic at all, and are nickle free as well.

I did have to make the little opening in the top for probably half of the spouts I ordered because they were manufactured uncut.

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